your go-to cigarette smoke odor eliminator


In The Medical Field

Perception can be everything when meeting with patients and co-workers within the medical field. Smoke Blaster is the perfect solution to ensure you, patients and other staff members are able to focus on what’s important in the moment.


Hospitality is all about accommodating the customer and being a seamless part of the background. Smoke Blaster lets you blend in with the ambiance of the scene and with the aromas of the venue.

Close To Home

Your closest encounters occur among friends & family. No need to shirk away until lingering smoke finally dissipates. Embrace the moment and feel good about snuggling up with your loved ones when Smoke Blaster is just a spray away!

bonus! smoke blaster works as a smoke guard

Smoke Blaster Saves The Day, Again!

This time as a smoke guard to prevent cigarette smoke from being absorbed into clothing and to keep clothes from smelling like smoke — perfect for smokers & non-smokers alike!


Travel Size Bottle

We’ve packaged Smoke Blaster in a small, sleek and inconspicuous bottle that’s perfect for stashing in a handbag, backpack, briefcase or glove compartment!