instructions for effective use


Your hands (especially your 'smoking' hand) are highly susceptible to the effects of cigarette smoke, which can lead to hiding hands in pockets until the smell finally dissipates (sort of). Don’t fret! Smoke Blaster’s here to save the day!

Apply 3-4 sprays directly onto hands, and rub together to dry.


Hair is king at trapping cigarette smoke smell, and beards are ground zero for cigarette smoke odors. Once in there, it’s stubborn to remove! Smoke Blaster, with its fine-misting spray, works wonders to penetrate all those layers and neutralize odors!

Apply 2-3 sprays and distribute through hair.


The fibers in your clothing hold tightly to cigarette smoke. Especially when you’ve spent an evening in a smoke-filled room. Smoke Blaster is the perfect remedy to ensure the odor is neutralized before it becomes a permanent part of your wardrobe.

Apply as many sprays as necessary on affected areas.